Quality Smoked Meats

Henry's Meat Market
(724) 735-2551
201 West Mercer Street
Harrisville, PA 16038

Henry's Meat Market

At Henry’s Meat Market, we believe that quality comes first. Grocery store meat departments are cutting corners by selling meat packaged in large factories and adding mystery ingredients such as “pink slime” and chemical preservatives. Such cost-saving measures are unacceptable for us. That’s why all of our meats are made right here in our shop without additives. Our sausage blends are handcrafted. We offer the choicest cuts of beef. We specialize in delicate meats, such as lamb and veal. We offer the freshest seasonal fish. We even process venison and other wild game for local hunters. And all of our meats are 100% preservative free!

Butcher Shop
At Henry’s Meat Market, we know that by supporting area farmers, our neighbors, we are supporting our community. Large meat companies aren’t concerned about quality, they just want to turn a profit. They buy their meat from the cheapest sources available, without any concern for farm conditions or the well-being of their local farming community. Our meat is locally sourced from area farmers; we do not support industrialized meat production. We believe in Pennsylvania’s farmers, and we support them. We know that you believe in them too. With our meats, you can be confident that you are helping Pennsylvania’s agriculture thrive.

At Henry’s Meat Market, we want to bring you into our community. That’s why if you visit us, located just around the corner from the Grove City Outlets, you will see a friendly face--a neighbor--who cares about this community just like you.